Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Another AMS uke club meeting

Well, the group was small today. Other activities such as wrestling and homework and household chores to do. Had 4 students today and they jammed together. Karsten is getting pretty good, obviously practicing a lot. The others are doing well also. They will all surpass me at some point in the not to distant future. Karsten is working on Herb's Ka'anapili Sunset and doing pretty well. He heard Herb play when he came to the club.

As for me I am trying to find time to work on some arpeggio's and work on "Sweet Pahala Mist" started in Pahala this December in Herb's class. I have a collaborator, Moses, in D.C. There is a little more work to do but the piece is coming along nicely. It is fun to do.

I have also gotten back to the Templebar and the Royal Hawaiian Ukulele Band. Since I was gone in December and fighting of a cold for most of January I missed a lot of time. But I am back again and enjoy the playing.

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