Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Holiday times

Well, got back from a wonderful week in Pahala with Keoki Kahumoku Ohana Hawaiian Music and Lifestyle workshop and jumped right back into school. Then jumped into grades and am now winding down to the 2 week holiday vacation. Wheeww!

The Pahala workshop was great fun. So many folks to play ukulele with, to learn from and with and some awesome teachers. Herb keeps challenging me, in a very good way. Now I am working on some music without tab. Yikes! I can actually do some of this.

Also had a chance to work with Moses Kamai again on the song we started last year in Herb's advanced ukulele class. Moses has the computer skills to get it all scored out. We were both struggling with the timing, as it is my weakness so I couldn't figure out what we were missing. Turns out that both of us were off one beat. The melody starts on the second beat. Then it all started to come together.

Working with Brad was really awesome. I hope he does some more videos. He is a natural teacher. Seems I am going to be learning some video skills and some music skills... who has time for a job?!?!

This coming Friday Susan and I will head up to San Rafael and UFO's Christmas shindig.

Here are a few pictures from the workshop. Well, When I figure out how to get the pictures down here I will add some more.

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  1. Teri -- sounds great. Wish I had the time and money too to visit Hawaii and hang out for hours. I have been working with tab quite a bit too. When you say without tab what do you mean? Playing music by ear? Your Bud, and Humblest Uker, Jeff